The Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd., located in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, is where Aso Highland Beef are fattened.

Quality of Minami Cattle Feedlot
Nursing of Calves
Panoramic view
We strictly ensure that the hybrid calves are nursed and raised at the Hokkaido Minami Farm in Betsukai Town in the Nemuro District of Hokkaido.
The calves are raised in an open environment with fresh air and clean water of Hokkaido, by using the management system that has been developed over the years. At the age of about 8 months, the calves are transported to the Minami Cattle Feedlot for further development.

At the Minami Cattle Feedlot, we use the feed that we developed to produce high-quality beef.
Additionaiiy, by using the Mt. Kuju' subsoil water that is pumped up from depths of 155 m below the farm, aromatic hay, and rice straw, we ensure that our high quality of beef is maintained over time.
Thus, we produce tasty beef by feeding calves that have predominantly inherited the Japanese Wagyu to the age of 26–28 months.
Our Feed
For the feed, We strictly use mixed brewer's grain developed by our group company, Kyushu Futaba Shiryo, with a balanced cereal mix of corn, rye, milo, soybean meal, and wheat bran, which are then fermented.
Brewer's grain has high fiber and protein contents, and thus, plays an important role in producing high-quality Minami Beef.
We strive to continue improving the quality of our beef by constantly providing Kyushu Futaba Shiryo with feedbacks regarding the feed and its effects on cattle development.
Our Cattle Management Method
At the Minami Cattle Feedlot, we strictly monitor, manage, and record cattle growth, feed, and feedlot environment.
With the aim of providing customers with safe beef that can be cooked and enjoyed with a sense of security, we strive to produce high-quality beef by providing attention care to individual cattle.