The Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd., located in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, is where Aso Highland Beef are fattened.

What Minami Beef
Minami Beef
Our Minami Beef production is made possible by abundant grasslands,clean natural water, fresh air, and vast land areas.
The Senomoto highland, where the Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd. is situated, has been selected as the best of 100 Best Natural Sceneries of Kumamoto.
At an altitude ranging from 430 to 945 m, this beautiful highland is also known as Ogunigo.
Further, this highland overlooks Kuju Mountains in Oita Prefecture to the east, the highest peak in mainland Kyushu, and supplies water to the Chikugo River, the largest river in Kyushu.
Breeding of Minami Beef
Minami Beef Minami Beef Cattle are the crossbreeds of Japanese Wagyu bulls and Holstein cows.
They are the first-generation hybrids, which inherit favorable characteristics from both the parents or have potentially superior performances than those of their parents because of heterosis.
Depending on the bloodline of the Japanese Wagyu bull used, the resultant hybrids may show traits more similar to Japanese Wagyu than to the Holstein, thereby inheriting high-performance genes from the fathers.
Features of Minami Beef
Beef Minami Beef has a tender texture with just
the right level of marbling.
It is healthy and highly satisfying beef.