The Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd., located in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, is where Aso Highland Beef are fattened.

Company name : Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd.
Representative : Yuji Inoue, President and CEO
Tel : +81-967-44-0136
Fax : +81-967-44-0721
Address : 4733 Manganji, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto 869-2402, Japan
Access : An approximate 20-min drive from the JR Miyaji Station (JR Hohi Line)
An approximate 80-min drive from the Aso Kumamoto Airport
An approximate 90-min drive from the Kumamoto Interchange
Detailed map
Lot area 110 ha
Number of cattle 6000 head
Capital 62 million yen
Foundation June 1980
Number of employees 24
Business activities Fattening and selling cattle; producing and selling compost
Main customers Miyazaki Beef Center Co., Hamada Co., Kochi Beef Co.
Main suppliers Kyushu Futaba Shiryo, Hokkaido Minami Farm, Hokuren, Suematsu Chikusan
Affiliated companies Inoue Bokujo, Kyushu Futaba Shiryo, Hokkaido Minami Farm
Facilities and equipment 32 cattle sheds, 2 cattle sheds with small stalls, 8 nursing cattle sheds,
1 feed-blending storage, 2 feed storages, 1 sawdust storage,
2 active-composting sheds, 1 compost-curing shed,
3 compost-maturing sheds, 1 compost-packaging building,
2 compost-drying plants,
2 brewer's grain-storing silos (stockpile: about 1600 t),
1 oil feeder with an underground tank, 2 outdoor tanks (20 kL/tank),
1 office with a company house, 1 dormitory for employees
Vehicles and heavy machines 4 feeding cars, 6 wheel loaders, 4 forklifts, five 10-t dump trucks, three 4-t dump trucks, eight 4-t trucks, one 4-t animal transporter

※ About our affiliated company, Hokkaido Minami Farm

Hokkaido Minami Farm A subsidiary of Minami Cattle Feed-lot Ltd.
It nurses and raises calves of Japanese Wagyu and crossbreeds in Betsukai Town in the Nemuro District of Hokkaido.
The company currently raises approximately 1600 head.
At the age of approximately 8 months, the calves are transported to the Minami Cattle Feed-lot for further development.

※ Company History

Founded in June 1980 Minami Cattle Feedlot Ltd.
(first president: Takashige Inoue) after acquiring an agricultural producers'
cooperative corporation, Minami nojo.
Number of cattle sheds: 8, Head of cattle: 1145
May 1984 Number of cattle sheds: 16, Head of cattle: 3013
May 1987 Builds two compost sheds with the subsidy,
"Collective Business for Improving Livestock Farming Environment."
Number of cattle sheds: 24, Head of cattle: 4698
December 1991 Opens the Hokkaido Minami Farm in Mihara, Betsukai Town, Hokkaido.
March 1992 Yuji Inoue, the third son of Takashige Inoue, becomes president.
Number of cattle sheds: 28, Head of cattle (Aso): 6524
Head of cattle (Hokkaido): 916
April 1994 Builds active-composting sheds.
December 1994 Incorporates the Hokkaido Minami Farm.
Head of cattle (Minami Cattle Feed-lot): 7906
Head of cattle (Hokkaido Minami Farm): 2323
May 1995 Installs a compost agitator with the subsidy,
"General Measures for activating Local Stockbreeding Business."
Builds a compost-curing shed and a compost-packaging building.
Number of cattle sheds: 31, Head of cattle: 7767
May 1998 Number of cattle sheds: 31, Head of cattle: 9425
May 2003 Number of cattle sheds: 32, Head of cattle: 8593
August 2005 Builds a compost-drying facility and compost-drying plant No. 1.
First to recycle compost into litter First to recycle compost into litter
August 2006 Builds compost-drying plant No. 2,
which is equipped with a system that utilizes waste heat.
Number of cattle sheds: 32, Head of cattle: 8470